Prayer Requests

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Prayer Chain:   Prayer is powerful and is one way you can help someone in need of prayer. A person often wonders what you can do when someone is in a challenging situation and prayer is something we can all do. Contact the church office at 473-2025 if you or someone you know is in need of prayers.

Healing Prayers for the following:

Diane Mussig, Betty Kvidera, Steve Keiser, Rob Herink, Kari Groth, Carolyn & Don Anker, Pauline Flamme, Lucy DeWitt, Paul & Kay Purvis, Marilyn Brekke, Bud Locke, Priscilla Crumley, Janell Gienger, George & Galene Groves, Tim and Barb Quam, Dave Eggers, Marivel Manzano.